The Petit Bassin is a free 4-month acceleration program propelled by la Piscine, Montréal's premier accelerator for cultural and creative entrepreneurs. It offers young for-profit companies and non-profit organizations working in the cultural and creative industries and who posses a tangible Proof of Concept (POC) to connect with La Piscine’s corporate partners.


The selected companies and organizations will be able to consolidate their development and growth by rapidly testing their POC in experimental fields made available to them by the program partners. After the program, they will will also have the opportunity to negotiate a partnership with the program partners if the they are interested in the projects that were tested.


When we think of creative and cultural entrepreneurs today, we can imagine a young private company in the throes of developing an innovative creative digital platform or a non-profit performing arts organization attempting to transcend the usual way of doing business to augment its financial independence and elevate it artist impact. In either case, when we speak to the coaching of these two types of profiles in their growth phase, we are confronted with two very different realities!

This is why, in seeking entrepreneurs who are ready for growth and capable of meeting the challenges presented in le Petit Bassin program, we have focused on one key selection criterion: having a Proof of Concept in hand that can allow the organization to scale quickly. In starting with this criterion, we have defined a number of profiles that could reflect the diversity of talents and proposals from entrepreneurs, each one having its own distinct qualities and merits.

The program is therefore open to the following:

  • For-profit creative or cultural companies in existence between 1 - 3 years and who have validated traction for their Proof of Concept.

  • Non-profit organizations without limit as to existence but that can demonstrate an innovative product or service that will allow for the growth of the organization.

  • A free four-month acceleration program (from March 2019 to June 2019)

  • Over 80 hours of coaching

    • Training workshops and sessions to put their Proof of Concept into practice and consolidate their growth

    • A dedicated coach that will be assigned to each of the selected companies and organizations at the beginning of the program.

    • Industry experts that will speak to key subjects (intellectual property, growth strategy, financing, rapid prototyping techniques, leadership and team management, etc...) 

  • Working sessions in collaboration with the partners’ teams  to ensure a coherence between the propositions being developed and the partners’ challenges and opportunities

  • Spaces to test its Proof of Concept (subject to availability)

  • The possibility of concluding a partnership agreement with the program theme partner if tests of the POC show promise, at the entire discretion of the partner.

  • Participation in le Petit Bassin networking events

The workshops, training sessions and meetings with the partners will take place mainly in French, and every effort will be made to accommodate English-speaking participants.


Coaching sessions will take place in the preferred language of the entrepreneurs.

  • Accelerate the growth of companies and non-profits through personalised, expert coaching

  • Support the production of innovative projects that respond to real-world corporate challenges

  • Validate the Proof of Concept of companies and non-profits by placing them in the heart of the action in the field made available to them by the program partners.

  • Work in collaboration with corporate partners’ teams to best capture their objectives and needs and to adapt to their constraints.


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